Hi everyone. I put a note at the bottom of my last entry late last night, but I do have a few minutes of Internet access so decided to say HOWDY from Raleigh, North Carolina. Our team arrived safe and sound, if not a bit lagged. We will be here all week for work related training. The locals are nice, the coffee so far is bitter and the hotel is a little on the cheap side, but I have no control over these things. You would think they would spring for a place with a pool. I hear there are a few great museums here (have yet to confirm that.) I don't have any cute and/or funny pictures to share. Time's up. Will update if I can. If you've been in this place before and know of some interesting things to do in the evenings, drop me an email at (my diaryland name @diaryland.com.) I turned off the comments until I get home. I miss my Internets! p.s. The weather can kindly suck Fred Durst's small diseased penis.

Cayse wrote at 19:24